Oct 08

Darker Side Mix #44

Holy cow! You mean this site hasn’t gone the way of Barney the Dinosaur? NO WAY! It’s the un-infamous mix #44, containing such classics as Penis Boy, Crazy Joke Time, Chloé’s Top 5, Kleg the Chronic Master Bator, Things Your Grandparents Told You Before Your Parents Shipped Them Away To the Home, Miffed With Mike, Chloé’s Stupidity on Parade, more Lindsey bashing, and lots of uncredited samples from cartoons and popular TV shows of the time.


Nov 05

Darker Side v1.1 Bonus Mix!

We felt really bad about not having mix #41 on hand anymore, so here’s another one of those Darker Side 1.1 mixes for your enjoyment. It marked an interesting turning point in that the shows had reached a count of 13, and everyone knows that’s just an unlucky number – if not hitting puberty. And ain’t nobody got time for that.


Oct 21

Darker Side Mix #42

Well, you know what they say: the answer to the universe ain’t 41. It’s 42! Which is why your Darker Side PJs apparently decided to lose that old archive and skip right to this one. (But we’re sure booze is involved.) Oh, it’s also the Easter episode – read: more blasphemous jokes and anti-Mormon humor.


Sep 14

Hive Noise – Darker Side’s Rebirth

Well, they’re at it again! Listen along with Dirk and Dmitri as they host Hive Noise. It’s the Darker Side born again! Enjoy featured segments, comedy skits, guest appearances, and audio submissions from listeners. Then, visit their website at http://hivenoise.com to participate and submit your own audio content for possible inclusion in a future show! We want your creativity, originality, weirdness, criticism, comments… almost anything you can think of.

Here’s the very first episode, with all the rest at their website.


Aug 30

Darker Side Mix #40

Summer continues to be a drunken haze, but we’ve sobered up just enough to harass you with Grand Slam Darker Side mix #40! As per usual, caller abuse, Mormon bashing, and penis envy ensues. Plus, Mike the Janitor shows up in the Darker Side studios for the first time! Plus, plus: Carl Sagan makes his debut recording about cacti – another Darker Side classic! AND! BONUS! It’s the infamous FOOD FETISH RAP!


TRIPLE, AMAZING, BOSS LEVEL BONUS: an extra Darker Side 1.1 mix!


Jul 26

Darker Side Mix #39 + BONUS!!1!

WE’RE BAAAAAaaaaaaaack! Sorry for the silent treatment lately, but Summer has just been too much fun. While the drunken haze has subsided a bit, we decided to post another classic Darker Side mix for you! This time, we continue the fun with mix #39. (Don’t worry: it’s only 6 mins. long.) 

…AND: another random bonus Darker Side 1.1 mix as a “quit yer whining” bone. Enjoy listening to Mike & Dmitri continue making asses of themselves: 


May 08

Darker Side Mix #24 – FOUND!

Remember a few months ago when we said mix #24 was lost for good? And you started breathing a sigh of relief for not being subjected to it? Well GOOD NEWS! We found the old archive and are now presenting it in all its glory.

Something of great importance on this mix is the introduction of Penis Boy, the poor caller whom apparently we couldn’t stop making fun of. There’s also the annoying message divider that sounds like someone having too much fun with a belt sander, but Slug also makes an appearance with a phone call to directory assistance. ZANY, MADCAP HUMOR ENSUES!